Elizabeth Kavanagh

Divisional Director

Elizabeth has developed a culture of collaboration at both practice and industry level. She supports people in improving B2B relationships and coaches teams on collaborative behaviours.

Elizabeth is both our head of HR and head of research and innovation. She works closely with the South West BIM region, leads the Behaviours4Collaboration group and is a cultural lead for Digital Built Britain.

What is the current trend in research and innovation?

Collaboration and how teams can be supported to adopt and use collaborative behaviours. One of the things I advocate is openness. I work with teams to help them to recognise what and how they can share more for mutual benefit.

Who is your biggest career influence?

A combination of all the mentors and good people I have worked with. I have learnt so much from all of them and my career is a patchwork quilt of that learning.

What’s the greatest invention ever?

The internet. Connection is so important to us now and can be a source of so much learning. I use it a lot in my work to encourage collaboration because it’s a much more open and inclusive way of communicating; second hand connections and people I would never have known can communicate with me through social media.

If you weren’t in research and innovation, what would you be doing?

A professional wine taster and cheese merchant. Having the opportunity to sample and share information about wine and cheese would be the perfect combination.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Laugh more, everything is funny, especially yourself. I think that as you get more experiences you realise this, and it helps you to get through any difficult situation.

Industry Bodies:
  • FCIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development)
  • FRSA (the Royal Society of Arts)


  • Shortlisted

    Digital Innovation

    Women in Construction and Engineering Awards 2019