James Taylor

Associate Architect

James predominantly works on a number of McCarthy and Stone frameworks across the South West, leading senior living projects from our Plymouth office.

With over 20 years’ professional experience, ten of which was in and around London, James is an associate architect with a wealth of experience working on commercial, residential, healthcare and education projects.

What is the current big trend in your sector?

Multi-generational housing; bringing the elderly and students together into the same community. There’s lots of talk about it at the moment but it’s making slow progress. Having a mix of age groups has benefits for all concerned. The elderly are encouraged to be more active and the young benefit with a more experienced outlook on life. It’s not something we’ve properly tried yet in this country, it’s more of a continental Europe ‘thing’.

What are the key challenges that affect your sector?

Getting some interesting design into run-of-the-mill, general housing, while making sure you tick all the boxes in terms of space standards, the amount of storage you have, kitchen units etc.

Who is your biggest career influence?

My Dad. He was a quantity surveyor up to his retirement so I was exposed to the construction industry early on. We moved around the country quite a bit as a result but it meant I knew plenty about the architecture industry from a young age.

What is the best book you’ve read?

Anything by JG Ballard – Cocaine Nights, Hi-Rise, Kingdom Come etc. They’re books about a dystopian future but they don’t feel so far away from our own lives. They’re scarily familiar in terms of how society stratifies between the rich and the poor.

Industry Bodies:
  • RIBA
  • St Georges Retreat, Pinders Healthcare Award