Thomas Sheehan

Senior Associate Architect

Thomas’s expertise lies with getting projects on site and ensuring that the design team, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors all work together efficiently and effectively.

What is the role of an architect?

As architects, we are invested most in the clients’ aspirations, the end users’ experience and the aesthetics of a building. It is our role to ensure buildings integrate well into the surrounding environment and provide accommodating, enjoyable spaces for people to use. We bring an aspect of care to the construction process.

Do you have a favourite project?

The New Adelphi Building for the University of Salford, which houses departments of music, performance, art, design and architecture. It provides a rich environment for creativity, arts and culture on campus. It was a very technically diverse and challenging design, and an extremely rewarding project to work on.

What is your favourite building?

The Hollings Building (AKA ‘the toast rack’) holds a special place in my heart, as a major reason and inspiration for choosing to study architecture.

Why did you choose a career in architecture?

The starting point for me was cities. I have always loved exploring and learning about them. One of my favourite cities is Valparaiso in Chile; squeezed in between the Pacific Ocean and steep hills. The city timber houses and funicular railways climb up the steep slopes and provide spectacular views across the docks and commercial centre below. The tight topography has generated an intense mixture of docks, commerce and housing, all crammed together into one fun and colourful space.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Enjoy it. And try to be a bit more organised.

Industry Bodies:
  • ARB