Bloomberg Suite, University of Westminster

University of Westminster

A cutting-edge Bloomberg Suite designed to offer specialist teaching in an inspiring and future-proof setting

The University of Westminster’s popular Bloomberg provision exposes students to technology widely adopted in all leading global investment banks in the major financial centres of the world. These specialist facilities play a key role in delivering employable skills for those entering finance-led occupations.

Over recent years, the University of Westminster’s student numbers have expanded and the demand for these specialist facilities has grown. The University wished to introduce a new dedicated Bloomberg Suite designed to offer specialist teaching in an inspiring setting and act as a showcase space.

The new suite replaced several existing staff offices which had numerous existing bulkheads (dropped ceilings) at a variety of different levels. As we were not able to remove these completely, we used them to our advantage and simplified the space into two portions with different ceiling heights.

The interior design look and feel for the scheme took cues from London’s city rhythm and the Marylebone grid system. Clean, regimented lines and contrasting finishes were chosen to juxtapose with the more sporadic graphic lines which are inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life and stock market trading.

The curved furniture layout, which is more dynamic that a standard straight run of desking, makes students feel more engaged and helps the lecturer to hold their attention. This furniture layout had to carefully balance the University’s capacity requirements with accessibility, comfort and viewing angles.

The new fit out, which incorporates latest technologies including AV and hybrid working systems, has created a learning environment that is both current and future-proof, post covid and beyond.