Boswyns Drug Detox Centre

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    Bosence Farm Community Ltd

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  • Winner

    Project of the Year under £3m

    Michelmores Commercial Property Awards 2011

  • Winner

    Project of the Year under £3 million

    Michelmores Western Morning News Property Awards 2011

The first drug detox centre in Cornwall, inspired by ancient settlements

The 15-bed Boswyns Drug Detox Centre was funded by a Department of Health grant and is the only one of its kind in Cornwall. It provides a supportive and non-institutional environment for drug users in need of residential care. The service offers medical, nursing, social and education interventions, as well as life skills training, educational programmes and leisure pursuits.

The building is sited in a beautiful rural environment and we developed the concept of the scheme from the ancient Cornish settlements of Carn Euny and Chysauster. These were very organic in form, effectively growing out of the ground using locally sourced stone.

The result is a building that blends in with the landscape, using sustainable materials such as timber frame, larch cladding, green roofs and locally reclaimed stone walling. In addition, the levels of insulation are 20% better than current Building Regulations requirements and robust construction has been used to reduce infiltration and air leakage.