Bournville Village

Bournville, Birmingham

Places where people want to live

The Trust have been creating & sustaining places where people want to live since 1900;

  • Broadly set over four areas; Bournville, inner city Birmingham, Telford and the agricultural estates to the south of Birmingham
  • c.1000 urban acres, 3000 agricultural acres
  • 8000 mixed-tenure homes on the estate & some 25,000 people

Many have credited the model village with laying the foundations for the development of garden cities and introducing the benefits of open space into modern town planning.

Being owned by a charity, we have a different perspective on worth and what it means for present and future generations. Bournville Architects provides the following functions;

  • High quality design, preservation & conservation
  • Renewal of ‘failed’ parts of the estate
  • Development of new sites
  • Innovation in sustainability (economic, social & environmental)
  • Masterplans, Strategic Plans, Delivery Plans etc
  • Asset Management Services
  • Provide Client Design Advice
  • Ambassador for the Trust’s message & vision
  • Intervention & re-use to develop under-utilised parts of all BVT estates
  • Community engagement
  • Potentially a Bournville Mark III