Chadwich Grange


Cadbury Agricultural Estates addressing social housing in the greenbelt

Chadwich Grange Farm is located within the parish boundary of Belbroughton, Worcestershire, close to Bromsgrove and part of the Chadwich Estate, which originally formed an extensive milk producing holding acquired for the Cadbury Chocolate business. Like all the Cadbury agricultural holdings, it was developed as a model farm enabling the most up to date animal husbandry techniques known at the time.

To prevent them from being used inappropriately and falling further into disrepair and to attract potential home buyers, the aim is to create an attractive environment, sympathetic to its history and surroundings. By proposing a comprehensive redevelopment of the farm in order to create that sense of place and a sustainable sized community for a total of eight dwellings (four of which are of a size which could be built as affordable social housing which is much needed in the rural area) the hope is for the farm to be reclaimed for generations to come.