Claremont SEN School

Bristol City Council

Refurbishment and redevelopment of a sensitive site for students with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities

Claremont School provides specialist provision for 77 students with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) between ages 2 to 4 (early years), 4 to 11 (primary), ages 11 to 16 (secondary), and ages 16 to 19 (Post 16) currently split across two sites in Bristol.

Claremont School’s aspiration is to have the whole school located together on their main site in Henleaze, within a combination of existing and new build facilities to meet their specific requirements.

The original building on site, Claremont House, is a grand three-storey Victorian house that was built during the 1850s with an adjacent coach house, glasshouse and conservatory with a purpose built hall and a more recently built Hydrotherapy Pool.

The proposed design aims to:

  • Have the whole school contained on one site – creating a stronger identity as a school and removing the need for an unsettling transition at the age of 11.
  • Create better classroom spaces to meet their specific needs, such as purpose built areas for sensory learning.
  • Create external space that is accessible and inviting to students in all weather.
  • Create a single access to the site and improve the pickup and drop off experience for all.
  • Provide community access to the hydrotherapy pool without compromising the safety of its students.
  • Improve accessible routes and circulation spaces throughout the building and site.

The clusters of classrooms have been designed so that each set of years feels like its own department, with pupils moving up through the building as they transition through the school years.