Collaton St Mary Expansion SPD

Torbay, Devon
Torbay Council

SPD, community engagement, landscape-led village expansion, sensitive surrounding countryside

Planning: Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Overview: 460 homes + local centre + landscape infrastructure

Stride Treglown was appointed by Torbay Council to create a masterplan for an existing village on the edge of Paignton that has been identified as a location for significant growth in its emerging local plan. The aim of the commission was to establish a vision for Collaton St Mary that married the needs of the wider Paignton area with the site-specific sensitivities of the local landscape and the local community.

The masterplan for the village has been primarily influenced by the characteristics of the surrounding landscape. It also takes account of a wide range of other matters that will have a long term impact on Collaton St. Mary, including the protection of natural assets and promoting a stronger local identity.

The story of the transition from the urban edge of Paignton through the smaller settlement at Collaton St Mary and out into the neighbouring rolling green hills has been captured in our approach. The result is a masterplan that revolves around the green infrastructure needed to sustain a viable expansion to the settlement. At the heart of this is the Meadow. Since much of the central part of the village is prone to flooding, the meadow will form part of a wider green infrastructure corridor. This meadow will allow the streams to naturally breathe when the levels of water are high while doubling up as a large publicly accessible open space for the local community. Existing field hedgerows have been retained with breaks for new openings where required, a sensitive lighting strategy and a central landscaped spine all work together to minimise impacts on bat corridors and other species in the area.

The masterplan accommodates in the region of 450 new residential units sensitively laid out to respect existing hedgerows with views out to the surrounding landscape. An expansion of the heart of the village that overlooks the Meadow will strengthen the identity of the settlement while providing the facilities the local community will require.

The masterplan layout has been structured to allow for a logical and phased delivery over an undetermined period of time. Working with assumptions set out in the draft local plan, a number of brownfield sites can be developed within the first 10 year period, along with various upgrades to the existing infrastructure, before the majority of new housing is delivered in the post 10 year period. Each phase identified within the masterplan delivers a mix of public open spaces that meets the needs of that phase while gradually piecing together a coherent network of routes and spaces.

Stride Treglown responded with creativity and style to our incredibly ambitious brief delivering a considered masterplan, developed with professionals and local people, which will start the revival of Collaton St Mary. We are pleased to have worked so closely together, and are delighted with the response from our community residents and councillors alike

Adam Horwood, Head of Marketing, Torbay Council