Helston Community College

Helston, Cornwall
BAM Construction

“The building that Helston has deserved for a long time.”

The new school building at Helston Community College was won in competition with a team led by BAM Construction as part of the Government’s Priority Schools Building Programme 2. The new school building provides 7570m² of accommodation for up to 1,430 pupils aged 11-18.

A modern 3-storey energy efficient building provides a high quality learning environment for pupils. The new main school building is arranged around a triple height central dining space. This dynamic, naturally-lit space forms the ‘heart’ of the building. The space functions in two ways; it supports the important social and nurturing aspects of school life and allows for legible access to all parts of the school.


Within the triple height space wall graphics form a visible focal point to celebrate all that is unique about the school and its local area. The lily of the valley references the famous ‘Flora Day’ and underpins the Co-operative Values of Solidarity, Honesty and Social-responsibility.

The enhanced landscaping on the site helps to provide a new focal point for the entrance to the school, bringing pupils, staff and visitors to a central arrival point. The entrance is highly visible and provides a clear identity for the college.

This is the building that Helston has deserved for a long time.

Donna Bryant, Executive Headteacher, Helston Community College