Loudoun and Nelson

Butetown, Cardiff
Cardiff Council Regeneration Team

A new urban gallery for Butetown, Cardiff

This regeneration scheme, in the heart of Butetown, was completed in summer 2016. The project engaged with the local community at every stage of the design process, to truly create a landscape that serves its people.

A key feature of the design was the creation of an Urban Gallery. In many cities, art makes a valuable contribution to the urban environment. It brings colour, vibrancy, energy and happiness to places which are predominantly hard, grey and unloved environments. Our proposal brings art to this corner of Butetown and to the front of Loudoun and Nelson House. The design has also originated from a need to mitigate hazardous wind speeds which are accelerated down and around the tower blocks and regularly cause pedestrians to struggle and fall.


The council have worked with the community to choose an artist to come to the Gallery and create displays of their work. The artwork displays can be changed over time, should the community group wish to update the feel and appearance of the space. With the community in charge of the selection it is hoped that there will be a greater sense of ownership and appreciation of the work.

In addition to the new gallery the scheme also includes new seating areas, lawns and play spaces. All these items have been requested by the local community, thus further adding to the sense of ownership. We provided a full Design Service including Engineering through our sub-consultants along with Project Management, Planning, Quantity Surveying and Principal Designer duties.