Promenade House, wayfinding and signage, and statutory signage

Stride Treglown

We created a wayfinding and signage scheme for the newly refurbished office interior of Stride Treglown.  The primary function of the wayfinding is to guide unaccompanied visitors to the specific areas of the building, for example meeting rooms and toilets. The scheme is designed to visually complement the office interior, and tie in with Stride Treglown’s visual identity.

In addition to the wayfinding signage, we created a bespoke statutory signage family to give a cohesive appearance to the whole signage scheme. Creating a bespoke family of signs enabled us to give equal importance to the aesthetical appearance of the signs as to the clarity and legibility. The typography was designed to tie in with the Stride Treglown brand identity, whereas written content and icons were replicated from the relevant British Standard guidelines. The signage family was designed to be modular to allow for any number of different arrangements of sign types.