Quay Stores, Milford Haven

Our competition entry to bring the Grade II listed Quay Stores back into use as a new cultural hub.

Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Quay Stores forms an integral part of the regeneration of Milford Haven’s historic harbour and waterfront.

Milford Haven Port Authority’s vision is to transform the dilapidated 18th Century warehouse, with its neighbouring timber yard, former quarry and railway shed, into a cultural cluster featuring a 100-cover restaurant and 400-seat auditorium for music and theatre performances.

How far it is
To this same blessed Milford: And, by the way,
Tell me how Wales was made so happy, as
To inherit such a haven.

Cymbeline: Act 3 Scene 2, William Shakespeare

We took the brief, our learnt history of the site, and the metaphors surrounding Shakespeare’s Cymbeline play, largely set in and around Milford Haven, to create our proposal.

Our scheme was conceived by conceptualising three entities: the Rock, the Paper and the Castle.

Rock: Ogof (Cave)

We imagined the auditorium encased in strata rock to echo the geological character of Milford and draw parallels with Belarius’ cave.

Paper: Siediau (Shed)

We proposed a bar and foyer in a new space with a crumpled paper-like roof to reflect the railway shed which used to occupy the site.

Castle: Quay Stores

The existing warehouse would be sensitively conserved to create a restaurant and theatrical banqueting hall to reflect Cymbeline’s castle.