Thornbury Castle

Thornbury, South Gloucestershire
Von Essen Hotels

One of the last medieval castles to be built in England

History and style

Thornbury has been described as one of the last medieval castles to be built in England. Erected in Tudor times, it’s inner court is built in the fine and delicate style of this period, whereas the outer court follows a more medieval fashion. There are fairly complete remains of the north and west ranges of the outer court and the three remaining wings of the inner court. The three wings were altered by Salvin in the 19th Century and are now occupied by a hotel. This architectural completeness, together with various historical associations, contributes to the Grade I listing.

Stride Treglown carried out an initial survey to assess the condition of the castle and identify immediate maintenance/repair requirements. A conservation plan was also prepared to assess the architectural and historical significance, in order to inform future plans to sustain the castle for future generations.

We were subsequently employed, in conjunction with an ecologist, to prepare specifications for the conservation of the west and north ranges including controlled removal and management of vegetation, repairs to and consolidation of masonry and renewing the ‘soft capping’ to the massive masonry walls.