University of the West of England Wayfinding System

  • Location

    Frenchay, Bristol

  • Client

    University of the West of England

  • Completion

    August 2014

The new University way-finding system radically enhances the successful movement and destination finding experience of people through the compact campus.

The way-finding system is made up of three key initial routes, blue, orange and purple for this first phase. Working closely with our Access Consultant we used colours and tints taken from UWE brand guidelines with a new palette created to highlight the determined routes that are loosely based on the London Underground system.

We devised ‘heads up’ plans across the coloured routes – a term used to describe the angle of the plan when viewed (the ‘You are here’ position of the visitor indicated at the bottom of the plan with everything immediately facing the visitor in each ‘zoom in’ plan).

All main campus buildings are shown in a red tint with roads, main paths and car parking areas in grey tints with an overall dark background giving the university wayfinding a strong contrast to the various components.