Richard Croydon’s 3D printed masks reach the front lines

16th April 2020

At the beginning of the month, Senior Associate Architect Richard Croydon felt compelled to act.

He requisitioned the 3D printer in our Cardiff studio, signed up to 3DCrowd UK and began printing Prusa design face masks at home.

The machine has been running non stop, with Richard dedicating his time to assembly, packing and shipping. Over 60 masks have left his production line, going from Richard’s home to his local hospital, GP surgery and hospice.

Making these feels like a drop in the ocean but it might help one person and we think that matters. Hopefully we can bring larger organisations together and support them as time goes on.

The impact of Richard’s effort is felt in the pictures kindly sent to him from front line staff.

Richard joins over 6,000 volunteers who have so far joined 3DCrowd UK.  80,000 face shields are currently in, or have finished, production with 39,000 delivered to 90 NHS Trusts over the Easter weekend.

3DCrowd UK are also running a crowdfunding campaign, which, at time of writing, has raised £113k out of a target of £160k.

When he gets a moment, Richard is posting updates to his Twitter account. Please have a look and show him support @RichCroydonwell done Rich!

If you’d like to get involved, please head over to 3DCrowd for more details.

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