Bristol Colour Capital initiative launched

15th September 2016
Bristol Colour Capital initiative launched

Following the success of 52 Big Ideas for Bristol, we have teamed up with local photographer Jess Siggers on an initiative to promote the city as the most colourful in the UK.

Bristol Colour Capital encourages people to paint their house a bright colour, while making use of the Council’s Warm Up Bristol scheme, which offers grants to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We believe that the initiative could help increase tourism, improve residents’ wellbeing and reduce crime, while showing off the city’s reputation for creativity and self-expression. With many amazing coloured streets to be found already (think Totterdown, Cliftonwood and Easton), Bristol is already halfway there.

As well as saving people money, the scheme could also be a huge step towards the city reaching its target to be carbon neutral by 2050.

bristol colour capital

Mareike Schmidt, Bristol City Council’s Energy Service Manager said:

“We think Colour Capital is a fantastic initiative, building on Bristol’s history and reputation as a city that champions vibrant and colourful housing.”

“It’s amazing that Bristol people are always open to doing something a little bit different and by creating a movement like Colour Capital we’re also able to support people to increase the energy efficiency of their homes by partnering up with our Warm Up Bristol scheme. We’ve already helped thousands of Bristol people to create warmer, cosier homes that are cheaper to heat, so I’m really looking forward to see how we can take that further whilst giving the city’s homes a little makeover”.

Rob Delius, Head of Sustainability for Stride Treglown, commented:

“Warm Up Bristol and Colour Capital – we love that two Bristol initiatives can support each other so well. Not only can you make your home warmer and save on energy bills, but you can also contribute to the growing number of brightly coloured houses that are popping up around Bristol. It’s exciting that even though these are small changes being made by individuals, the impact is city-wide. With each household that takes part, Bristol takes another positive step towards its goal of being carbon neural by 2050 and being recognised as the most colourful city in the UK.”

More information

Check out Bristol City Council’s ‘Warm Up Bristol’ scheme and see if you are eligible for a grant to insulate and paint your home, or crack open the paint pots!

Share photos of your colourful home and the streets in your area with us on Instagram and Twitter (@BristolColourUK), or find out more information at

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