Can Post Occupancy Evaluation be done on Instagram?

26th February 2018
Can Post Occupancy Evaluation be done on Instagram?

That’s what we are trying to find out at Bristol Business School as we launch My UWE BBS View, a Post Occupancy Evaluation research project with UWE Bristol, ISG and Godfrey Syrett.

We are inviting anybody that uses the building to post a photo to Instagram or Twitter and give us their feedback. It’s open to all; staff, students, services and visitors.

If you are in Bristol Business School, show us how you are using it and how you feel about it. Leave a comment with your feedback and tag #myUWEBBSview. Photos will then appear on the My UWE BBS View website.

The aim is to learn more about people’s personal, emotional and sensory experiences of the building by using visual methods. How do they compare to the original design intent?

For example, Bristol Business School’s ethos is to be transparent, collaborative and flexible. Has this impacted on the way people work and study? Is it happening as predicted? Has it been understood differently by users? What can we learn from this project to help us design better buildings?

Importantly, can all of these questions be answered using social media? Let’s find out.

The project kicks launches today and will run for one year.

Find out more

Visit to view the images or find out more about the project. You can contribute using #myUWEBBSview.

If you have any questions, please contact

Please note: only photos from public accounts will appear. Photos from accounts set to private will not show.

About Bristol Business School

Opened in April 2017, Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School is a flagship space to attract more students, facilitate links with businesses and provide collaborative spaces for staff and students to work together.

Stride Treglown was the architect, landscape architect, town planners, BIM consultants and principal designers for the project. ISG were the building contractors, with Godfrey Syrett as furniture manufacturers.