Nikita: MBA student

I came down at 3am with a coffee and met the security guard. He gave me some biscuits.

8th May 2018

We bumped into Nikita, an MBA student at Cardiff University, while photographing the Capital Quarter landscape.

Originally from North-East Gujarat, we had a chat about how the space makes her feel.

Hi Nikita. Do you walk through this landscape often?

Yes, it’s part of my daily walk home.

Does anything in particular happen here?

We meet a lot of people here and they are all really friendly. We all talk and chill out sometimes.

One time, I couldn’t get to sleep, so I came down at 3am with a coffee and met the security guard here. He gave me some biscuits which he keeps for students. That was really nice.

I have a lot of nice memories here.

Do you use the coffee shop by the station at all?

I have tried it twice; it’s really nice, but I don’t tend to go there much in the opening hours. I’m mostly active at night time, so I see the landscape a lot then.

And finally, how does the landscape make you feel?

This place is like home for me. The first thing I noticed when I moved here was the small plants and flowers on the left hand side. They look really good at night and smell nice too; I just love passing through.

The colour combination goes well with the building. There’s lots of seating also. I don’t tend to sit down but the people use them when they go out to smoke.