Rachel Husband: The Rose Shed

Because I work and live here, I get the opportunity to see people all day.

29th May 2018

Rachel is the founder of The Rose Shed; a florist that caters for weddings and events.

She tells us what it’s like occupying one of Paintworks’ live/work units, with her workshop sitting directly underneath the two bed apartment she shares with her dog, Betsy.

Image of Rachel, the owner of Rose Shed, a florist shop based in Paintworks

What attracted you to Paintworks?

Definitely the ability to live and work in one place. I used to run the business from my garden shed so this feels a little more separate because I can just go upstairs, shut the door and not have to think about work.

The location was a bonus too, it’s quiet for somewhere so close to town, but there’s still lots of things going on with all the other businesses here. Being in central Bristol, I can really focus on expanding.

What do you like most about your space?

It was an empty shell, which was great because it meant I could put in all the working units and lights, and then paint it how I wanted. I was really able to make it my own.

When the light comes into my workshop it’s amazing – I’m still not sure whether I should put up blinds.

Image of the interior of Rachel's flat, based above her work unit in Paintworks

What about the other people living in Paintworks?

I’ve met loads of really nice people. Because it’s quite new, everyone is really making the effort to socialise; there are four girls that I’ve come to know really well, we go out together now.

Crest Nicholson also do events, so there’s loads of opportunities to meet people through those.

Do residents use your business at all?

I am mainly wedding focused, so 95% of my business is bulk orders, but for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day I popped an offer on the Paintworks Facebook group and a few residents came to me for orders. Sometimes people walk past and come across me, so I get a bit of casual business that way too.

Is there anything else interesting about Paintworks?

There’s quite a strong community here already; the Facebook group and the fact that people are very friendly.

Because I work and live here, I get the opportunity to see people all day.

Image of The Rose Shed, a florist based in one of the live-work units at Paintworks

What kind of people does Paintworks attract? 

There’s quite a mix. I thought it would be all my age but there’s quite a lot of little ones, as well as a few older residents.

I’ve met a lovely couple who moved here from Bath which I thought was interesting. It’s beautiful there and they wanted to move here, which must be a testament to what Paintworks can offer.

Everyone also seems to be quite creative. I’ve got an interior designer next door to me, a guy who does shirts a few doors down and also a girl that makes jewellery.

Are there any spaces that you’ve noticed people socialising in?

I suppose the green lawn by Martin Parr has become a place some people hang out.

In the podium row of houses behind me we threw a street party last summer. People put out tables, BBQs, food and drinks which was lovely. People here are really up for socialising.

Image of Betsy the dog, who live at Paintworks with her owner, Rachel from The Rose Shed

How about Betsy, does she like Paintworks?

It’s a very dog friendly environment, I’ve seen a lot here. She thinks she owns the place most of the time, barking at every dog that walks past. The site has a lots of green spaces to walk her, but it’s also not far from Arnos Vale so I often take her there.