Year 7 and 8 students

It’s much more modern, our old schools were falling apart.

23rd May 2018

Ysgol Bae Baglan is home to 1,500 pupils aged 3 to 16. We spoke to some of the Year 7 and 8 students to find out what they make of their new school.

Hi guys, how does Ysgol Bae Baglan compare to your previous schools?

There’s loads more technology here than we had before and it’s much better atmosphere. At our old primary schools we just did everything in the same class, but now we study different subjects in new classrooms. And it’s much more modern, our old schools were falling apart.

What else do you like about your new school?

The facilities here are much better, at our old school we didn’t really have a rugby pitch or anything. It’s nice now to be able to play loads of sports right here because a lot of other comprehensives can’t do that.

What sports do you play?

Football, rugby, cricket, basketball, netball; everything really.

Were you able to play them before?

We did after school, but in our primary schools we didn’t even have a football pitch, so we used to go to different grounds.

We couldn’t play basketball and things like that, so there’s more choice here.

Do you use your school after hours?

Yeah, we have youth clubs, drama, sports, and music on after school. We can join different clubs and do new things, and the school is open until ten o’clock every night.

It makes the building feel so much more than a school because everybody can use it.

What are your favourite areas?

We like the sports hall and the way the library looks down on the canteen. It has a nice atmosphere because it’s light and colourful. We spend most of our time outside on the grass, playing football and seeing our friends.

What else do you like about your new school?

It was a good idea to merge four schools into one because everyone’s got new friends. We’re all combined, there are lots of people and we all feel supported.

Did any of you find it hard?

No, but we did think it was going to be hard. We had a tour before it opened and explored the building to see where everything was. They let year 7’s and 8’s have the first day to themselves and the older kids joined a day after. That way we didn’t feel so intimidated.

What came to mind when you first walked through the school?

It’s big and modern. We were used to small schools, but all the corridors and classrooms are colour coded, so that helps you get around.

It can’t stay new forever, but it’s cool to have so many new facilities. The ceilings here are a lot higher and the spaces are so open compared to our old schools.

Do you feel a connection to the surrounding community?

Yes. When we used to go out of the school in primary, we only used to stick with our own school. Now we mix with everyone from the former schools.

How do you feel now?

Everyone’s the same. At the start you do feel like your old primary school pupil, but as you start to meet others, you soon feel just like one school.

Can you describe the school without saying the word school?

A place to make friends. Colourful, sporty and unique.