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Miranda McCabe

We're all in it together

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I’m Miranda McCabe, I’m an Architect at Stride Treglown.

What are your passions?

I think I’m interested in design as a whole concept and I really like to apply that in my work whether it comes out in the materiality and the end product or anything. But I think we’re sometimes snobby about other design principles as architects or whoever. We need to look at design as a cyclical thing. We are inspired by interiors, we are inspired by fashion and architecture also envelops all of that. It’s a rounded interest in design as a whole.

Who or what inspires you?

I’ve grown up in a huge family of really inspiring women and I think that’s always been a driving force to continue that. Inequality hasn’t ever really been in my consciousness until reaching the workplace at various points or sometimes in university. It’s not an alien concept but it’s on the borderline for me.

How did you get to this point in your life?

I’ve done a lot of university courses as we do as architects. I have a personal passion for conservation which has meant that I’ve gone and done another masters in Conservation of Historic Buildings. That’s always been a thread throughout my education and it’s something that here at Stride Treglown I’m hoping to bring more into our consciousness – and also the external consciousness about Stride Treglown and the amazing projects that we have done already.

What are your experiences working here?

It’s a very friendly place to work. We’re all working together. There aren’t too many antagonistic approaches at all. We’re all in it together and we’re all there for one goal to get out the best design that we can. We can travel between offices, see each other, we all know each other across the practice. It’s huge and we might have our individual little bubbles of 20 odd people but there’s three hundred odd of us so we are more of a family.

Talk me through your day?

I’m very much ‘to do list’. I focus on my to do list. I write it out, I tick it off. When that’s ticked off then I feel like I can leave and that’s a bit of a guiding force during the day.

What are your aspirations?

In life I just aspire to be happy, enjoy what I do and constantly be challenged. In work I want to focus on conservation. I want to become a Conservation Accredited Architect. I’m on my path towards that now. We are probably not known particularly well for our conservation practice and I think that’s entirely incorrect. We do amazing work with it. And I think as well conservation sometimes has a bit of a stigma attached to it as been quite stuffy and quite dusty. We’re not that as a company. We’re not stuffy and dusty, we’re forward thinking. Conservation doesn’t just mean being stuck in this enclosed Jane Austin world. It’s getting a sort of creative re-use into a building, looking to the surroundings and being sensitive to it.

What’s your foundation for support?

The people that back me up are probably my family and friends. They’re the ones that are always there. There is a wonderful ability in Stride Treglown for that flexibility to maximise that time with your family and your friends because you have this brilliant flexi-working. My family are in Bath – we have a Bath office, you can pop to the Bath office when you need to, you don’t necessarily have to work in your main office.