Life at Stride Treglown / Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Raluca Turcu

I’m inspired by people who are passionate about what they are doing

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I’m Raluca and I’m a part one architectural assistant at Stride Treglown architects in London.

What are your passions?

Architecture is one of my passions, which is complemented by interests in all the creative industries to be honest, from painting to music to anything. Outside of architecture, I’m very interested in reading about anything. It’s interesting to see different opinions from different people and kind of try and put yourself in their shoes so that you get different perspectives about the world rather than just your own, which could be very narrow if you [don’t] make an effort to expand it. I’m inspired by people who are passionate about what they are doing.

How did you get to this point in your life?

I grew up in Romania and went to high school there and then I came to the UK to study architecture and I guess that’s how I got to this point. I finished university in Sheffield last year and now I’ve just moved to London and started to work here.

Working in London has been a great opportunity because there is just so many things happening in London and in terms of architecture. Well – maybe it’s not a good thing, but the whole industry is quite London-centric.

Talk us through your day

I come to work and will basically start finishing up what I’ve not finished the last day  and then go and talk to the project architect to see what new tasks I can work on and what I can help with. [I] ask a lot of questions about everything I don’t know about – which everyone has been very welcoming in answering which I really appreciate.

What are your aspirations?

Well I aspire to be the best version of myself I guess but I don’t have a strict plan for that for the moment. I’m just looking at going back to university and afterwards. We’ll just see how it goes as long as you kind of make an effort and work hard all the time. The fact that you don’t kind of know what you’re gonna do after you finished following this path which is honestly a very long one – at least seven years – the fact that you kind of have no idea about what you’re gonna do afterwards is a pressure because you’ve kind of had this path you had to follow and afterwards once you finish it, you are kind of thinking okay what do I do next? So that’s something I’m thinking about right now.

What pressures do you face?

One of the pressures would be Brexit and not knowing what happens because I am an EU resident so that’s a very uncertain position. For example, maybe I would have liked to take two years out in practice but I don’t think that’s really an option because my fee might jump to an international one if I wait too long to go back to university, so I’m kind of forced to apply this year because I don’t know what’s going to happen.

What’s your foundation for support?

It’s always good to be able to rely on yourself rather than on others but of course I’ve got people supporting me in my personal life but I think, yes, kind of being prepared to face things alone is what’s most important.