BMW/MINI Flagship Showroom

70 Park Lane, Mayfair
BMW Group

An immersive flagship showroom for an iconic car brand

London’s Mayfair is ubiquitous for glamour and exclusivity. Home to iconic luxury car manufacturers, BMW Group approached Stride Treglown to consolidate their three brands—BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad—into one flagship space at No. 70 Park Lane.

Driven by collaboration

The first phase was to create a new showroom for MINI. The project kicked off as they were in the midst of a brand refresh, so our first goal was to help MINI’s Corporate Identity team define their new vision.

What emerged was a familiar take on the adventurous, unconventional spirit MINI’s famous for—with a nod to its racing heritage—but dressed up with a little more modern sophistication. The perfect brief for the new showroom.

A panoramic 4K screen displays brand campaigns, hosts vehicle demos, and congratulates customers on their purchase—while understated contemporary furniture creates a calm balance against the showroom’s bold neon signage.

The result is an immersive environment that treats visitors to the luxury they expect on Park Lane, but with a fun, approachable twist.

Bringing the workplace to life

Following the main architectural works for MINI, we were appointed directly by BMW Park Lane to improve their staff offices and kitchen.

BMW brand colours fuse the spaces together, bringing welcome relief against the hard, sleek architectural finishes. We also exposed as much of the limited natural light as possible, added more desk space, and then created a series of private executive offices for greater working flexibility.

Developing BMW’s Corporate Identity

The final phase was to help BMW’s Corporate Identity team refurbish the BMW showroom—designed to reflect the brand’s ‘ultimate driving machine’ identity, but with more exclusivity than your average dealership.

A coffee bar, bespoke joinery, and another full height video wall provide the high-end touches. But the showpiece is the M-lounge, a dark, almost brooding space that sets the stage for BMW’s high performance M Series vehicles.

Designing the future of showroom retail

How we make purchases as a society has changed—and that includes how we buy cars. The redefined BMW showroom is the first time all three BMW brands have been housed under one roof in London—creating an immersive, luxury shopping experience for one of the world’s most iconic automotive groups.

Photography © Tom Bright