Orchard Close

  • Location

    Almondsbury, Bristol

  • Client

    M F Freeman

  • Value


  • Completion


  • Size

    Three-storey houses

Eco and high-end. An award-winning combination.

Located to the north of Bristol, this project has been developed with high end inhabitants in mind. Sustainable and lifestyle friendly, we have created homes that sit comfortably within the luxury residential market without compromising the environment. With a southerly orientation and an arc shaped design, these homes have been designed to capture the afternoon sun.

One design element stands out in particular. Like a piece of origami, the walls, roof and floor look like they are made from one continuous material. ‘Wrapping’ around the building to create a strong inside-outside experience, they blur the transition between house and garden.

Timber slats and deep reveals reduce solar gain in the summer, and roof lights at the top of a 3-storey height space create a passive stack cooling effect. The south-facing elevations are highly glazed to capture low angle winter sun, creating a comfortable and sustainable space to experience all year round.

The scheme subsequently won Residential Development of the Year at Insider South West Property Awards 2013.