Catching up with the world’s first Smart City Tsar

27th August 2019

Dr Jacqui Taylor is the CEO of FlyingBinary, one of the GovTech 100 UK companies credited with the digital transformation of the UK Government via their government cloud, G-Cloud services. Jacqui, and her web science team, take a societal perspective when architecting place based services, irrespective of whether it is to leverage the Internet of Things, use artificial intelligence or deploy a secured technology service for a Smart City.

Jacqui has been a key collaborator in our Shaping Future Places initiative and contributed towards 10 Essays to Shape Future Places with an article focusing on technology as an enabler in placemaking.

Jacqui, what have you been up to since we launched 10 Essays to Shape Future places back in November?

Since publication, I have been recognised as one of the Global Top Ten Internet of Things (IoT) innovators. It’s given me the opportunity to bring my technology work to an international audience.

Specifically as a result of my work in the Smart City domain, which is symbiotic with the Shaping Future Places agenda, I have been recognised as the world’s first Smart City Tsar. It’s fantastic to see that the enabling technology we have built at FlyingBinary is solving some key issues in Smart Cities across the world and changing outcomes for their citizens. It has been a delight to work with changemakers and great that I can recognise their contribution with a personally dedicated copy of the Shaping Future Places book.

Great! And what’s next for you?

From October 2019, I will be touring the UK with Smart Cities UK to launch the Meeting City Challenges Programme. The programme aims to unlock region-wide challenges via a series of roadshows which will bring together cities and towns to discuss their current social and economic challenges. Each roadshow will provide a workshop environment in which stakeholders, appointed by Smart Cities UK, will be on hand to provide information on how to overcome challenges, create pathways and embed technology where needed.

Smart Cities UK Roadshow tickets are now available. And if you’d like to read Jacqui’s Shaping Future Places essay, you can request a copy of the book here