What is Shaping Future Places?

The Origins

A campaign inspired by the principles behind Bournville – a place we know very well.

The Symposium

A gathering of like minds that asked how the 1901 Garden Cities Association Conference is relevant today.

Little Book of Provocations

Our first output from our Shaping Future Places Symposium.

Little Book of Provocations

10 Essays to Shape Future Places

Learning from the past, building for the future.

Our Pledge

A commitment to help shape better places.


Your ideas and actions. Our role isn’t to just influence but also be influenced by a much bigger debate.

Who’s joined us?

See who’s been inspired to get involved.

It’s a collaboration

Together we can create places which thrive long into the future.

We want to bring people together who identify with this vision:


Future places should be shaped with and by their communities, with support in place to help them succeed.

Future places should be shaped by joined-up thinking on the social, economic and technological issues they face.

Future places should be shaped by joined-up doing from people across different disciplines, sectors and areas of expertise.

Future places should be shaped by a shared long-term vision.

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What’s next?

Our Pledge

We pledge to Shape Future Places by:

  • Bringing people together
  • Facilitating conversation
  • Inspiring joined-up thinking
  • Enabling joined-up doing
  • Forming new ways of working across our teams, sectors and disciplines

How we’re doing it

Collaboratively. Together we want to:

  • Create a programme of events
  • Share a digital space to exchange thoughts and actions
  • Resource physical spaces/events to shape future places