Paula White: Bloq Management

26th May 2018

Bloq is a property management company, working with a range of clients from new housing developments to existing office blocks.

We spoke to Paula White, a former Stride Treglown’er (she used to work in our accounts department), now finance and operations manager for Bloq.

 filwood green business park

Paula, why did you choose Filwood as home for Bloq?

So we moved here in October 2016. We were looking for somewhere that represented us – practical, simple and not too fussy. We looked at offices in central Bristol, but they didn’t suit our identity. As soon as we came across Filwood, we instantly liked the sustainability aspect. It fitted really well with our personality.

Some business centres only attract one type of business but here there is a real range of small and quite diverse brands. We use the stationery suppliers and printers alike; it’s nice to be able to interact with other businesses in this way.

Was there anything that attracted you in particular?

In our business, the blocks we manage, it’s important to try and get the residents to recycle, to work together as a community so their buildings can be as eco-friendly as possible. We also offer them alternative transport solutions so they aren’t car reliant.

Filwood’s sustainability focus is a great fit with our work.

Is there anything unique about Filwood?

It’s nice to be part of such a dynamic range of businesses here. There is the hub downstairs where anyone can go and work. Because there are five of us in the office it gets quite busy, so if any of us have got a meeting or just want to work quietly we can take our laptop down there.

Filwood also run business support sessions and workshops which we have benefited from. We’ve met quite a lot of other business owners through those.

It’s is a place that encourages us to share what we do and help each other. We’ve recently been recommended to a new client from somebody that we met through one of the business park’s networking workshops.

filwood green business park

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

I like how it is a dog-friendly environment and I can bring my child in. Some offices are so sterile and formal, you would never think of doing that. They are welcome to sit in the downstairs area. In previous workplaces, there would have been nowhere to take my child.

It’s a really informal and flexible environment to work in. I love it.