The New Adelphi Windows

If these window could talk...

12th April 2019

The New Adelphi windows are alive. They open, they close. They open again. In driving rain or sizzling sun the windows do what they want, without any prior warning.

But, this apparently random show isn’t quite what it seems. The windows carefully control the oxygen and temperature levels of the rooms.

They require no human interaction. There are no buttons to push. No hinged panels to lever. It’s completely automated.

The system helps the building to function. But the inhabitants didn’t understand the windows’ behavior and so they made ‘anger noises’.

On the 15th October 2018 the dynamic changed; the windows joined Twitter, but nobody knows how!

What could be seen as a bit of fun, is also a stroke of genius. By giving this automated process a character – even one that despises its ‘fleshbag’ occupants – the ice is broken.

That quirk, which was once seen as a problem, is now something people can laugh about. Together.


Inhabitant: Issue 02