Wojciech Kwiatkowski: Student Technologist

I just can’t imagine myself working anywhere else now.

30th November 2020

Wojciech has recently joined us a Student Technologist on placement from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Hi Wojciech. Tell us a bit about your course?

I’m studying Architectural Design and Technology. So I like the itsy-bitsy details and looking at how things work in a very precise and in depth way.

How long have you been working in Treglown Court?

This is the third month of my current placement but I also did a four week placement in my second year before Covid struck.

What was your first impression of the building?

First impressions were amazing, I loved it instantly. The atmosphere is great, the entire space just works very well. Everything was just way better than I could’ve anticipated. You think it’s going to be a standard office job but then you arrive and everyone is so social. It just doesn’t feel like you’re at work, it feels more like I’m at university with friends.

Does the building help to create a social atmosphere?

I would say so. The office is set out very well. It helps everyone work together effectively and uses the space in such an efficient manner. So, whilst the building is fairly small, it feels much larger than it is. Probably because there’s open space, lots of big windows and daylight. It feels very open, very natural. There’s a lot of opportunity to really connect with other people in the office.

Do people connect on a personal level or is it strictly work related?

People always gather downstairs in the kitchen area at lunchtime and we all just chat away whilst eating lunch. Sometimes we’ll discuss projects. But mostly we get together and just enjoy spending time with each other. Not as co-workers but rather as a family.

Do you feel a sense of hierarchy in the building?

No, not at all. My girlfriend works in finance and the hierarchy there is so apparent. I expected something similar here but I have found that everyone treats each other absolutely the same. It’s because there are no walls so it doesn’t feel like you’re separated from anyone. It feels like you’re all working as one big organism. I think that’s what makes it amazing.

Does that sense of community help with your work?

I’m usually quite shy but working at Stride Treglown has really given me a lot more confidence. I now understand that even though someone is above you in position they’re just another human being – you’re all the same in the end. Working here you really have a massive sense of collaboration. And if there’s ever an issue, you can literally just pop your head to the side, speak to the room and I say ‘Hey, I have an issue’.

What motivates you at work?

The environment really motivates you to work better. Whenever tension builds up you just look outside, take a deep breath and go back to work. All of the windows and natural light really make you feel relaxed. I just can’t imagine myself working anywhere else now.