An eight-week programme of events counting down to COP26.

The most recent UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, was held in Glasgow at the beginning of November 2021. We saw this an opportunity for action. Not just for the countries and delegates attending. But for all of us to challenge what we, and what the construction industry, can do.

“The recent global floods and fires have brought home the devastating effects of climate change with only minor temperature rises. We can either continue down this trajectory, with even worse consequences, or we can act, now. ” – Rob Delius, Head of Sustainability

With that in mind, we teamed up with TODD Architects and Keppie to host the Climate Action Relay, an eight-week programme of events counting down to COP26.

Starting in Cornwall and ending in Glasgow, each of our offices across the UK hosted a week of provocation and inspiration in collaboration with local organisations.

The event programme sought to drive knowledge exchange, best practice and positive action on the climate emergency. We invited the public to join us, and our expert guest speakers, to explore how we all can make a difference, through discussion, debate and physical acts.

The Climate Action Relay in numbers

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