We’re attending the BCO’s first ESG Conference

10th October 2023
We’re attending the BCO’s first ESG Conference

John Wright, Director of ESG, and Toni Riddiford, Head of Office & Workplace, are attending the BCO ESG Conference 2023 in London on Thursday 12th October. 

We are proud to be sponsoring the one-day event which is set to bring BCO members from across the UK together to debate how we can transform our industry to make ESG a reality.  

John and Toni are looking forward to hearing from the day’s many inspiring speakers who’ll be covering topics including net zero carbon, circular economy, and designing for social value, but they’d like to make time for you too. Look out for them during the coffee breaks – or even better, get in touch beforehand to arrange a catch up (links above).

A Place at The Table – ESG at Work

Wednesday night will see us continue our regional dinner conversation series, A Place at The Table. We’re bringing an invited group together to debate ‘ESG at Work’, an important topic for office funders, landlords, developers, designers and occupiers alike. We’ll ask: 

  • As embodied carbon becomes increasingly significant, should we be adopting ‘retrofit always’ as a mantra? Or is ‘retrofit first’ a more balanced and holistic approach? Can we learn anything from the growing market for ‘preloved’ goods? 
  • Is the increase in retrofit and ESG focussed projects being driven by funders, legislation or occupiers? What might change with a new government? How realistic are current targets? 
  • Does social value start ‘at home’, by creating offices that attract and retain diverse talent, or is a positive contribution to wider communities a more important goal? 

A Place at the Table is a rolling dinner club that moves around the country, exploring the future of placemaking. Take a look at our web page for more information and let us know if you’re interested in attending future events.

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