Oscar Jordan and Ugne Stasytyte

It’s so nice to have the space in your flat to come together and socialise.

1st January 2019

Oscar and Ugne are flatmates living in a ten bedroom flat. Whilst the communal facilities in Bishop Gate are great for socialising, they’re most comfortable hanging out with friends in their own spacious kitchen/living space.

Hi! Could you introduce yourselves please?

Oscar: I’m Oscar and I’m studying History and Politics.

Ugne: And I’m Ugne. I study Criminal Psychology.

OK, so what has it been like to live here? Have you made friends?

Ugne: Yeah, I have friends on my course and friends in my flat. I feel like the closest friends are the ones that are in my flat though. We look after each other!

Oscar: Most of my friends are in the flat too. I did make friends at the start of the year with people from my course but it’s harder to keep contact with them and we started drifting. I’ve definitely made more core friendships in this flat.

So do you feel like there’s a sense of community in the building?

Oscar: There’s definitely a sense of knowing people. The staff recognise everyone and always chat to you. Security, especially, will talk your ear off! You walk in and say hello to them and then you’re stuck with them for five minutes. It’s nice!

How well do you know students living in the other flats?

Oscar: You meet other students hanging out in the common area. The ping pong table is constantly being used.

Ugne: In the beginning, I’d go into lots of people’s flats because we were going out every day with them. But everyone’s calmed down now and we just stick to our own groups.    

Do you think you’ll miss Bishop Gate when you leave?

Oscar: Yes – the community, the friendships but also the place itself. It’s so nice to have the space in your flat to come together and socialise.