Future Plymouth 2030

Empowering people to take positive climate action.

We’re proud to be a lead partner for the Future Plymouth 2030 webinar series which brings together the best minds in the built environment to tackle our regional and national carbon targets.

The webinar series is a collaborative project supported by the RIBA Plymouth branch, University of Plymouth Sustainable Earth Institute (including Low Carbon Devon), and, more recently, Plymouth City Council who made their support of the series a formal action within their Climate Emergency Action Plan at the start of 2021.

Despite being called ‘Future Plymouth’, the programme explores topics which are relevant at a local and global level with national speakers but also local experts, from the University, Plymouth City Council, local practitioners and contractors, using projects and initiatives as ‘good news’ case studies.

Since it launched in 2020, the series has been a huge hit achieving engagement at all levels, from students and lecturers to local construction professionals, Local Authority officers, clients, developers, and even folk who are ‘just interested’ to learn more.

Future Plymouth 2030 has played an important role in increasing the number of Climate Conversations in Plymouth; conversations which are necessary if we are to achieve the vast changes in our behaviours required of us by climate science to accelerate reductions in carbon emissions.

Tackling important subjects from housing to transport to retrofit, Future Plymouth 2030 has brought the latest academic research and best industry practice on climate change to a wide audience, both locally and internationally. Speakers from diverse sectors such as planning, architecture, engineering, creative industries, geography and environmental science have developed into an exciting community of academics, professionals, students and individuals sharing the common purpose of reducing greenhouse gasses across Plymouth to reach Net Zero by 2030.

The innovative delivery of Future Plymouth 2030 and the resilience of the team behind the webinars made it not only COVID-proof, but also able to thrive in challenging times, enabling us to keep the issue of climate change at the forefront of policy debates in the city. The City Council has been pleased to have supported this initiative in the last two years.

Paul Barnard, Service Director (SP&I), Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, Plymouth City Council

Be sure to check out the upcoming programme of events and catch up with past webinars here.

For more information, get in touch with Sarah Lee, Associate Architect and Founding Member of Future Plymouth 2030.