Rob Delius' winning idea from the Imagine Bath RIBA public competition.

For a city built on water, where is it all?

Rob Delius wants to celebrate the city’s history with a network of water features, designed by you.


It’s proven that introducing water to our urban environments can significantly improve our health and quality of life. Plus, it would attract more visitors, helping boost Bath’s economy.

A public competition would be held to design the features. They could take many different forms; some would be calming, while others would be exciting. It would create an aquatic soundtrack to our streets, from gushing and splashing to fizzing and bubbling.

We would then work with the Tourist Board to create a trail map for visitors to follow.

As a Bath resident, Rob wants to see the city meet its full potential. If you like his idea, please get in touch.

For more information, follow @WatersOfBath or visit Waters of Bath.