Over £6k raised to #EndYouthHomelessness

18th March 2021
Over £6k raised to #EndYouthHomelessness

Last week, Rachel Bell, Roxanne Townsend, Pierre Wassenaar, John Wright, Matthew Judd and Jack Roche braved a night outside to raise money for the LandAid SleepOut 2021.

We’re incredibly proud that through their fundraising efforts, they raised £6,274, contributing to a record-breaking year for the national campaign, which saw donations total £363,650. Money raised will go to projects that help #EndYouthHomelessness.

We want to thank everyone who got behind this endeavour – financially and through encouragement. The actions and generosity of our supporters helped us reach 2nd place in the South West and Wales fundraising leaderboard, and 7th place nationally. The funds we, and others in the South West and Wales, raised will help support East Street Mews.

The night was cold, wet and for those shunning a tent, miserable. Animal sounds, motion sensitive lights, numb feet and crinkling crisp packets were a few of the things that kept sleep at bay. But the conditions were bearable compared to what is faced night after night by those on the streets.

The team came together at 8am the next morning to reflect on their night outside.

It made me comprehend feelings of isolation – thinking back to last year and how we were all in it together – in one place – but this year being alone was a very different experience. Thank goodness we had access to tech and could message each other at 3am!”
– Rachel Bell

I realised how difficult it is to feel safe when you’re outside. I also woke up with so much more gratitude for what I have.”
– Roxanne Townsend

It’s impossible to get comfortable once you’re soaked through. That was my thought at 3am. Since the experience, I wonder how we can help people facing homelessness in the day to day. I’d really like some guidance on how best to support people I encounter when I’m out.”
– Pierre Wassenaar

We were all lucky – we had somewhere safe to sleep. I can only imagine what it must be like on an actual street, worried that someone might come and steal what little you have if you are asleep, or assault you if you are awake. It must be so difficult to find people to trust, and easy to become even more isolated.”
– John Wright

For me it’s ‘choice’. A realisation that for many there is no choice but to sleep out, the only choice is where or how to sleep out. It can happen so quickly.”
– Matthew Judd

Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid Charitable Trust, said at the beginning of the night that, this year, more young people facing homelessness have reported feeling a loss of hope than in previous years. Hope is a terrible thing for a young person to lose and we should do what we can, as a society, to guide hope back into their lives.”
– Jack Roche

East Street Mews is a development in central Bristol, providing 11 affordable flats for those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. It is estimated that in 15 years it will help 150 young people rebuild their lives.

Donations are still being accepted on our page here: https://join.landaid.org/fundraisers/StrideTreglownSleepOut2021

LandAid bring together businesses and individuals from across the industry to support charities delivering life-changing projects for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness.

Roxanne Townsend is an LandAid Ambassador and Rachel Bell sits on their South West Regional Board.