Paintworks Phase III

A brush with the future.

Arnos Vale, Bristol
Crest Nicholson South West
Very Good

Paintworks is a former Victorian paint and varnish factory that runs along the River Avon. Having undergone renovation for the past decade, it is now considered one of Bristol’s key creative hubs.

Combining industry with residential.

Crest Nicholson tasked us with integrating housing onto the site. Their vision was to create one of the most inspiring places to live and work in Bristol.

Our solution provides a range of one and two bed apartments; two, three and four bed houses; and a number of live/work units that connect to the existing Paintworks development.

Taller apartments along the north edge provide views over the river and avoid any potential overshadowing issues, while a riverside promenade links up to wider pedestrian and cycle routes.

Live / Work Units
Houses and Apartments
Commercial Space

The entire development is constructed on a podium, allowing a network of pedestrianised streets, alleyways, public plazas and courtyards, with car parking hidden away underneath.

To build on Paintwork’s character, design cues have been taken from the existing development, including materiality and vibrant colours that shines through at every corner.

Street furniture encourages residents to venture beyond their front doors and meet each other, while in the centre, a central plaza can be used for markets, open-air cinema and day-to-day amenity space.

Unlike standard residential estates, merging work and home has created a community of creatives.

Paintworks is a mixed-use development symbolic of a shift in urban design; a people-first approach for the community to live, work and play.