Varun: Masters of Law student

This outside bit is my escape zone. I come here and think about things.

8th May 2018

Varun studies a Masters of Law at Cardiff University. We came across him when photographing the Capital Quarter landscape, listening to tunes and relaxing outside.

Varun, a student living at Capital Quarter student accommodation

Varun, what do you like most about being here?

There is lots of space. I prefer this accommodation compared to my friends’ for sure. We have lots of common areas, so on a Friday or a Saturday, if you want to have a couple of drinks with your friends, you can. You can sit inside or out, no one disturbs you.

In other accommodation they only have one common space which is their kitchen, so it can be difficult to socialise. If someone else has assignments or exams then you can’t be loud or play music, or have many people inside.

There is plenty of space outside here for everyone to sit and have a good time.

How do you use the landscape?

I often come out here to smoke. It’s nice to come down here and sit outside in the sun. The best thing about this whole place is the amount of space to escape both inside and out. Being at university, you are mostly in your room, so you want to get out.

What does this space feel like to you?

It just feels completely different to any other. It really helps you. You can come out when it’s sunny, grab a coffee and relax.

This outside bit is my escape zone. When I want to get away from classes and my room, I come here and think about things. It’s away from everything, it’s a very different space for me out here.