Matt Mears: Temple Cycles

26th May 2018

Temple Cycles produce a range of modern bikes with a classic aesthetic, all individually hand made to the customer’s specific requirements.

We spoke to owner, Matt Mears, who started the business from his bedroom, about establishing his business at Filwood Green Business Park.

matt mears temple cycles

Matt, how did Temple Cycles get started?

While studying for my Mechanical Engineering degree I was making some money on the side from restoring vintage road bikes. I kept saving that and realised I could start producing bikes properly, so applied for a loan and some start-up grants from the council and The Prince’s Trust.

We’ve been growing organically since then.

Why did you choose Filwood?

We choose Filwood for the natural light, security, good pricing and for space to grow. When we were looking to move here the park was about half full and there were some interesting, small business around, so we thought we would fit in.

We liked that it was customer fronting, people can come in and feel relaxed. It doesn’t really feel like your standard industrial park warehouse because of the cedar cladding and solar panels; it’s more ‘Bristol-ey’ than other business parks.

In our unit we have a nice mezzanine floor which we use as the office, and downstairs we have the workshop.


Has Filwood benefited you as a business?

It provides a professional front to the business for publicity, especially when we are featured in magazines.

The location and the shop are very accessible by car. A lot of our customers visit us after work and want to be able to take their bike straight home, which the facility allows.

The reception area is also great, Sarah at the desk really cares about the tenants here. We get a lot of post, so it’s nice that we have a facility that caters for that.

I don’t use the communal areas too often, but it’s great to know they are there.

Do you interact with the other tenants?

Yes. Although we haven’t sold a Temple Cycle to any of the businesses yet, we service their current bikes which helps get our name out there.

The whole community aspect here is great for networking.