Pete: Artisan Dental Studio

The business is more associated with craft rather than actual dentistry,

26th May 2018

Artisan Dental Studio is a boutique dental laboratory. They create individual teeth for aesthetic, cosmetic or functional purposes.

We spoke to owner, Pete Watts, about setting up a business at Filwood Green Business Park.

pete watts artisan dental studio

Pete, how long have you been at Filwood?

Since December 2015. It seemed like a really great opportunity to work locally in nice premises. The place has a great feel to it, such a collaborative environment. I didn’t know anything about the eco side of things before moving here, but now I love it.

Has your business benefited from being here?

It’s been a really good size for us to grow into. Before I was renting a tiny space in a loft. I didn’t want to be tied into a massive contract, but the rolling contract gave me the confidence to get a place here.

Because of my contract, my overheads are lower and it has given me the financial security to invest and grow more rapidly. As soon as I moved in I bought a scanner which enabled me to take more business on. If the contract had tied me in, for say five years, I don’t think I would have taken that risk and wouldn’t be doing so well now.

Do you see the other businesses much?

There’s always a nice atmosphere, everyone wants to say hello and chat, and we have tea and coffee on a Thursday afternoon. That’s how I met an IT guy who is working out of the offices here and he supplied us with an extra computer. It was nice having that immediate connection.

All the stickers we have up on the windows were done by Think Image. Working in Filwood gives you the opportunity to get things done locally and cheaply. Plus, if you are working opposite them they want to do a good job.

pete watts artisan dental studio

What’s the best thing about working here?

The best thing about Filwood for me is when people come here for a consultation or a meeting. It’s such a nice place – so clean and new – whereas most boutique dental labs are quite often in sheds or back gardens.

The business is more associated with craft rather than actual dentistry, so the relaxed and informal environment works really well with our clients. When they come here we always talk about how it looks European and the green aspect is a big talking point. That was an added bonus for us and our power bills are really low; we are currently looking to be put in for a green award in the industry.

pete watts artisan dental studio
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