Repurposing assets for the future.

We understand the needs of shoppers, tenants, landlords and developers. Our designs are driven by a holistic mindset that responds to these needs. Together, we can introduce activity and vibrancy into the public realm and breathe new life and purpose into retail assets.

Speke – The Village, New Mersey Shopping Park

The big opportunity we see is local retail parks.

Once kings of convenience, these developments have been in stiff competition from online shops and next-day delivery for years.

Yet, fundamentally, they remain unchanged from pre-internet days; undifferentiated sheds at the edge of your town, disconnected from the things that matter; local heritage and community.

No matter how much tenants have modified their fitouts to adapt to consumer trends, the external shell has not responded.

As significant investment vehicles, this is surprising. After all, long-term value depends on strategic reinvention, and the upside benefits are huge.

Wheatley, Doncaster

All of our solutions start with meaningful placemaking and adaptive design.

We apply our cross-sector experience to transform your retail park from ubiquitous to unique, creating shopping experiences that delight the inhabitants.

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