Andy King: Wessex Archaeology

It's a healthy place to be; instead of car fumes you get bird songs and clean air.

26th May 2018

Wessex Archaeology offers above ground, below ground and underwater archaeology services. They employ over 200 staff in six regional offices, relocating their Bristol office to Filwood Green Business Park in 2016.

We spoke to Andy King, regional manager for the South West.

andy king wessex archaeology

Andy, tell us what you do here

We are one of the biggest archaeology contractual units in the country, covering the length and breadth of the UK. We work abroad, not just on terrestrial projects but on marine sites too.

Here at Filwood we have a coastal marine contingent, so in this particular office we do fieldwork, geophysics, buildings & research and coastal & marine. We cover the west of England but we also supply staff to our other satellite offices.

Why did you choose Filwood?

We have been here since January 2016 with about 20 staff. It’s an enjoyable place to work, the facilities are just right at the moment for the size we are.

The amount of space and facilities has allowed us to expand and continue expanding in what we do. It is also a healthier place to be; instead of car fumes you get bird songs and clean air. It’s not difficult to find, it’s easy to get to and public transport is improving.

We were originally based in the centre of Bristol, but the parking and logistics involving the vehicles that we use was just getting ridiculous, affecting our work on a daily basis. Here there is ample space, so it’s been a good move.

wessex archaeology at filwood green business park

What do you like most about being here?

It’s nice when we are all flat out and using the space to the best effect. At Filwood, we have grown considerably in the size and range of the services we offer, and we are already running out of space again so may need a new unit on this premise.

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