Tony: Think Image

With the cedar wood and solar panels it doesn't look like an industrial estate.

26th May 2018

Think Image specialise in the design, print and manufacture of signage and graphics. They do everything from interior printing to vehicle wrapping (as seen on their boldly branded vans parked outside).

We spoke to Tony about what it’s like working at Filwood Green Business Park.

tony think image

Tony, what made you come to Filwood?

We moved here in May 2016, a year or so after it opened. The space was the right size and there was no tied in contract so it gave me plenty of flexibility to expand or reduce size without the solicitor’s fees.

I was looking at a larger unit prior to this place and the amount of money needed for the agreement with the solicitors just wasn’t feasible, plus 10 years was too long to be tied in.

I spoke to Filwood and they said come over and take a look. I also saw Jody from Digital Fire across the road and he sang the place praises so I signed up. Two pieces of paper, rolling contract, perfect.

What do you like the most about the space?

It’s neat, tidy and has a nice flower bed. With the cedar wood and solar panels it doesn’t look like an industrial estate. There’s no steel metal doors or that sort of thing. The timber makes it a softer environment and even the bins are stored out the way.

It is slightly more expensive but it doesn’t tie you in which can be a fear for a lot of small businesses. Being tied in for such a long period, having responsibility for the structure of the building and stuff like that is out of your control in other contracts, whereas Filwood doesn’t do any of that.

Have you interacted with the other businesses here?

Yes. Socially it’s really good, when you go out you always end up having a chat with someone which is great for business.

What’s your favourite thing about being at Filwood?

I’ve attracted bigger and better clients – everyone has commented on it how good it looks. My other place was a bit of a ramshackle really. This place has been nice for the clients to drive into, easy for them to find, great access and the green element is a bonus.

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