Meet us at MIPIM 2019

18th January 2019

And so the countdown to MIPIM begins. This year, we’re going all out. We’re sending representatives from regions across the UK: North West, The Midlands, South West, South East and Wales. All are experts in their fields and understand their market places like no other. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a chat with them.

Drop them a line to arrange a meeting in Cannes:

John Wright, Director, Bristol & South West: Having led many office and hotel projects, John is an expert in commercial developments and leads our mixed-use commercial architecture.

Get in touch with John.

Gordon Tero, Director, Manchester & North West: Gordon runs our Manchester office and manages major architectural projects across the North West. He also oversees our BIM and digital design team.

Catch up with Gordon

Pierre Wassenaar, Director, Cardiff & Wales: Pierre heads up our Cardiff office. He specialises in technology and innovation, tying together our strengths in university research centres, technology parks and high-value engineering facilities.

Grab a coffee with Pierre.

Rachel Bell, Divisional Director, Bath & National: Rachel heads business development across the company. She is a key voice for women in property and is currently Insider South West’s Property Personality of the Year.

Arrange to meet Rachel…in a sunny spot preferably! 

Gareth Mason, Divisional Director, London & South East: Gareth specialises in investor-led mixed use developments, leading a team from our London office. Gareth is a strong believer in image and identity, developing schemes that have a strong brand.

Squeeze in a beer with Gareth.

Ian Tipton, Regional Director, Birmingham & Midlands: Ian runs our Birmingham studio, formerly the architecture arm of Bournville Village Trust. He specialises in creating places with a people-first approach and is a lead voice in our #ShapingFuturePlaces initiative.

Talk Shaping Future Places with Ian

We look forward to seeing you there!