Welcome to Gardenia

30th April 2019
Welcome to Gardenia

After weeks of keeping our Re-Imagining the Garden City design under wraps, we can finally show you around Gardenia.

The inspiration behind this new place is a connection with nature and Letchworth’s founding vision of a city of gardens.

Letchworth is growing and our development is imagined as a branch, reaching into the countryside.

Like sap is the lifeblood of a branch, flowing back and forth, Gardenia’s branch is filled with people moving along it – going to work, going home, going to school or to the shops but ultimately engaging as a community; a living, vibrant, green movement spine.

And sprouting off of this stem are the ‘leaves’ – quieter clusters of homes around garden spaces. Clusters are what Gardenia is all about; small communities of homes arranged around green spaces, not roads.

You can download the Design Statement for Gardenia as well as the accompanying board plans and details at https://www.letchworth.com/design-competition/gardenia.

The competition selection process will conclude with a presentation of all four shortlisted proposals to the Judging Panel. This is scheduled to take place in May 2019.

Re-Imagining the Garden City